I do this benediction thing, drizzling chocolate on the eclairs. I eat one. My followers wait piously until I finish. ~Diary of a Heretic Read More ›

Fear and desire propel my heart and mind. I am desperate to bring them under control. ~Diary of a Heretic Read More ›

We will not give up. We will joyfully embrace every glancing, passing shadow. ~Diary of a Heretic Read More ›

Rip me apart! What kind of messiah can I be if no mob rises up to kill me? ~Diary of a Heretic Read More ›

A hush fell: All the noise for miles around went silent. The maids outside our door sang a roundelay. ~Diary of a Heretic Read More ›


  • Post Card

    Saturday night, Manny and I went to the Met's exhibit of Michelangelo's drawings. Many of the drawings, paintings and even the few sculptures were studies by the Master's students and imitators. The picture above (in fact, a photo of a post card I bought) Michelangelo drew. The plaque... Read More ›

Flash Fictions

  • A Long Time Teaching

      This year Miss McAuliffe’s third grade class included Gillian Hopkin’s daughter Tessa. The bright-eyed girl looked just like her mother at age eight. Yet, unlike silly, mischievous Gillian, Tessa was a serious child, who loved learning. Twenty-four years ago, of course, the rules were... Read More ›

Serial Fiction

  • Departure

      Last summer, I decided to stop writing this serial fiction when Jasper leaves with Sung to make the movie, Readiness Is All. That’s not the end of the story, but it might have felt more finished to a reader than departing from James Bond and the Girls of Woodstock at episode 79.... Read More ›